House for sale Amsterdam

What’s next?!?

You’ve been searching for your dream home in Amsterdam for months now. Or any home, as you’ve shortened your wish list considerably by now. All of a sudden, there’s the sign: house for sale in Amsterdam. It’s your dream home after all. So what’s next? How can you make sure that it’ll be yours, and it won’t be snatched away? Marthe Beusekamp, buying agent for Marthe Real Estate, offers advice.

On Funda? Too late!

Once a property is posted on the Funda website, it’s often too late for you to buy it. The best way to find a house is to hear about it before it even comes to market, particularly in Amsterdam where the housing market is absolute madness. Without a good network, however, you rarely hear about available houses until it is too late.

Excellent network in Amsterdam’s housing market

Any buying agent worth their salt has such a network. At least I do. It’s the result of years of operating on Amsterdam’s housing market and showing myself to be an honest professional. Other estate agents know and appreciate that. After all, they save time and money when doing business with someone they know is trustworthy. nd with a good network, you’ll hear about houses coming to market in Amsterdam instead of only just hearing about them when they already are.

Estate agent for your house in Amsterdam

So, if you want to be in the know early and find your dream home in Amsterdam, the wise thing to do is to rely on a buying agent. Someone with whom you can discuss your wish list, who will refer you to a great consultant to discuss your financial options, and who helps you decide in which areas you would like to live (or not). Your estate agent will gather up all that knowledge and start searching for the right home for you. And you’ll know as soon as a property meeting your requirements becomes available. Often, that’s well before competing house hunters find out via the internet a house is available in Amsterdam.

Outwit others

Are you seeking to buy a house in Amsterdam? Don’t wait until the ‘for sale’ sign is put up or it’s posted on Funda. Outwit others with a good buying agent. The next house in Amsterdam that becomes available, might become your new home!

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“Buying a house with Marthe was incredibly smooth, low-stress, and profesional. Marthe was a strong and protective agent who ensured that not only did I find a house I loved, but that I wasn’t buying a house with problems that would cost me a lot of money. She knows the market, she knows the right people, and she makes things happen. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a house.”


I am happy to help you with the purchase of the house where you will enjoy living.