Buying agent in Amsterdam

How to feel confident when buying a home

Relying on a buying agent who knows Amsterdam and its housing market through and through means you’ll be ahead of the curve when searching for your new home in the Dutch capital. Marthe Real Estate is that buying agent in Amsterdam that will help you buy a new home.

Buying a house in Amsterdam? Not that easy!

Buying a house in Amsterdam isn’t an easy thing to do. The market is frantic, prices keep rising, and you often have very little time to reach a decision. If you can even find a property, that is, because all too often, a house or apartment published on the internet is gone before you even know it’s for sale. So it’s hard to find a house in our capital that you both want to buy and can afford!

Advantages of a buying agent

As a buying agent in Amsterdam, I help my clients overcome all of those obstacles. By being aware of what will be available just a little earlier than everyone else. This gets you ahead of the curve and gives you time. Time to think things over, have the facts checked, and an inspection done. And time to decide on a good offer. It goes without saying that the buying agent will assist you with the inspections and determining your offer.

An expert on houses and apartments in Amsterdam

With many years of experience as a buying agent in Amsterdam, I’ve become a real expert. I easily understand the documentation associated with a house in Amsterdam and can discern a property’s pros and cons as well as the history to take to account for properties in specific districts. I’m familiar with every neighbourhood, every building period, and the changing laws and regulations through the years. So I can offer excellent advice on where to buy a house and what you should avoid.

Bidding is overbidding

In practice, making an offer on a house these days mostly means you’ll be overbidding. t makes the entire buying process even more stressful – you want to buy a house at a reasonable price but don’t want it to be snatched away at the last minute, either. So what to do? I’m very familiar with these situations, and with my knowledge of houses and apartments in different areas in the city, as well as my bidding experience, I can offer excellent advice. I have great intuition to assess what makes a fair offer. It’s still nerve-wracking because you never know whether a good offer means you’ll actually be able to buy the property, but at least you know you made the good offer. And that’s a comforting thought in an exciting and stressful process.

Buying with confidence

With a buying agent by your side, you’ll enter Amsterdam’s housing market with ample knowledge and experience. And feel confident about buying your home. My job is to help and guide you in this process, so you’re willing and able to make that decision. You can count on me.

Your buying agent for Greater Amsterdam

You can rely on me as our buying agent in every price range, as long as you’re searching for a home in the Greater Amsterdam area (Amsterdam and its immediate surroundings). The reason is that I usually travel by bicycle! Want to know more about how I can help you? Let’s get to know each other. Feel free to contact me


” Buying my first home wouldn’t have been possible without Marthe. From day one, her experience and knowledge paired with her proactive approach gave us the edge in this highly competitive market. It was a true pleasure working with her. I can highly recommend her services to anyone looking to purchase a home in Amsterdam. ”


I am happy to help you with the purchase of the house where you will enjoy living.